Want your car spray painted?

Has your car received a number of scratches that you want removed? If you are looking to give your car a facelift with a fresh coat of paint or have some minor scratches that need attending then City Auto Group will give your car that professional touch that only the experts know how to.

Want a paint job that actually matches the colour of your vehicle?

At City Auto Group, we do do too! Using state of the art colour matching systems, we have your paint matched against the exact manufacturers specifications ensuring consistency in your car paint colour.

Our Process

  • We prepare your vehicle by thoroughly cleaning the working area of any potential contaminants and remove any road surface grime, grease or dirt from the car panels.
  • We then strip the panels back to the bare metal ensuring the panel has a perfectly smooth finish.
  • Once the panel has been properly prepared we prime and spray paint the panel and send the car through a low bake oven which dramatically reduces the drying time of the paint job.
  • The final stage of the process is to buff the spray painted panels to have your car returned to showroom quality.

Why City Auto Group

Our experienced car spray painters recognise the importance of an exceptional finish on vehicles. City Auto Group has built our reputation on delivering our customers car resprays that return your vehicle to showroom standard.

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